Windsbreath Celebrations and Retreats developed out of Marilyn and Lid’s desire to share their lovely property with others and facilitate the opportunity for individuals and groups to take a time apart to be renewed, as well connect with others in community. 

Beginning first with individual and group retreats, the business soon evolved to include seasonal celebrations; and growing out of those celebrations, a dynamic theatre program which builds on the seasonal themes but also highlights traditional tales which are one of Marilyn’s specialties.

A key element in all the programs is the intergenerational nature of the programs. In August of 2016, with their three children beginning to move out on their own, Marilyn and Lid extended the business to incorporate a one-bedroom bed and breakfast, adding a second room in 2018 and a third room in 2019. The focus continues to be one of hospitality for all (including pets), personalized service, and celebratory breakfasts. 

For out of town visitors, our lovely little university town offers a vast array of shops, cafes, museums, and natural sights such as a lively waterfowl park;, as well as special events throughout the year such as the renowned “Sappy Fest “in early August. 

Situated 10 minutes from the Nova Scotia border and 45 minutes for the PEI bridge, Windsbreath provides an ideal home base from which to explore all three Maritime provinces.

Marilyn and Lid in the garden


Our Director

Marilyn Haugen-Strand is a creative, energetic person who thrives on preparing special celebrations and enjoys working with people of all ages. Coming originally from Alberta, she has worked and lived across Canada; but since 2006 has made her home in Sackville, NB. She has experience as an elementary school teacher, pastor, retreat leader, reflexologist, homemaker, spiritual director, baker, writer, and program director. In “Windsbreath Celebrations and Retreats” she brings all these skills and experiences together to provide a vast array of opportunities for renewal, celebration and community.


Our Co-Host

Lidvald (Lid) Haugen-Strand grew up in Vancouver, BC , where he studied journalism and creative writing. Then after a period of time working and living in a L’arche community; he moved to Saskatchewan to pursue theological studies and later to Alberta to take CPE training for chaplaincy work. He worked briefly as a Lutheran pastor, following which he served as a hospital chaplain and director of spiritual care in hospitals in British Columbia, Alberta, Minnesota, Ontario and New Brunswick. Upon retirement, he took on part-time work as a Anglican priest in Anglican parishes, and now serves a small local parish ¼ time. In addition, his own work he supports Marilyn in her work with Windsbreath. Always interested in a lively conversation, Lid greatly enjoys visiting with guests at Windsbreath and is always ready to lend a helping hand.