Welcome to the Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an ancient sacred tool used as an aid in reflection on our life journey or spiritual path. It may be used in connection with prayer, decision making, and healing.  It may also, simply be a pleasant walk in nature, where one can let the path take you where it will, while take you in the peace and beauty of nature all around you,

There are primarily two different types of Labyrinths in use today. The Chartes Labyrinth was used originally in cathedrals and churches in the middles ages as an alternative to going on a pilgrimage.Today many churches and retreat centers have developed their own labyrinths or purchased canvas labyrinths. Although the Chartes Labyrinth can be used for many things it is primarily designed for reflecting on our life and faith journeys.

The more ancient Cretan Labyrinth is designed primarily for healing, although it can be used to reflect on our life and faith journey as well. This is the design of Labyrinth we have at Windsbreath. The Cretan Labyrinth has seven circuits corresponding to the seven chakras or energy centers in the body. In walking the Labyrinth the natural healing powers of the body are activated. One may use the chart below to facilitate your reflections or just walk the path and allow the experience to unfold naturally.




3-Solar Plexus- Yellow

-I think

2-Sacral- Orange

-I feel

1-Root- Red

-I am

4-Heart- Green

-I love

7-Crown- Violet

-I experience the Divine

6-Third Eye- Indigo

-I see


-I speak

Centre- White

-I breathe


Centre- White


5-Throat- Blue

-First Step

6-Third Eye- Indigo

-See Vision

7-Thanks- Violet

-Thanksgiving for inspiration

4-Heart- Green

-Envision personal direction

1-Root- Red

-Connect with the physical

2-Sacral- Orange

-Pay attention to my feelings

3-Solar Plexus- Yellow

-Plan action


Three Movements of the Labyrinth 

The three movements of the Labyrinth walk are: 

  • 1)  Walking In-Moving in or Releasing: a time of casting off , unwrapping, or letting go

  • 2)  The centre-Receiving: A place of meditation to time to receive what is there for you

  • 3)  Walking Out-Returning: Going forth with new direction, satisfaction, and comfort.
    Experiencing the Labyrinth

Each person experiences the Labyrinth in a different way and there is no one right way to experience it. It may just be a powerful spiritual experience or it may just be a pleasant walk. Each time may be different. 

The Labyrinth is not a maze. There is no need to work out your pathway. Just trust the path put one step before the other and it will take you to the center. 

The labyrinth bids us welcome, Walk, watch, wonder, and pray The labyrinth asks us to “just walk”, simply breathe a little deeper 

Walk a little slower.
Simply be present to all that is around you. 

As you walk the Labyrinth at Windsbreath we invite you to cast your cares to the wind; and allow the breath of life to fill, renew, and invigorate you.