spring ?

Returned home from a short, but satisfying trip to Montreal and Ottawa to find most of the ground around Windsbreath bare. After the huge snow banks in Ottawa and weathering a snow storm on Friday night in Quebec, the bare brown grass looked wonderful. Spring was finally on it’s way! Yesterday I ventured out, walking around the remaining piles of snow on the frozen ground, envisioning spring and summer at Windsbreath. , I checked out my garden and surveyed the area near the little woods and back barn where our June play will be held, dreaming of the things I would do. I even contemplated walking the Labyrinth but the cold wind drove me in, maybe tomorrow.

But this morning I awoke to white once more. Will spring ever come! This is the longest winter I remember at Windsbreath and I refuse to post any more pictures of winter. So here is a picture of tulips at Windsbreath to remind us that spring and summer do come to this region eventually