Anticipation of Spring

Another strange Maritime Day! Woke to snow fall and a world of white-will they ever end? A particular challenge since I was making an early morning run to the airport.  The snow eventually stopped, but the day was cool and grey, and a bitter wind blew around Windsbreath. We were both depressed. Summer seemed like a distant memory from another time. Then the snow began to disappear, and by late afternoon we had glorious sunshine and no snow. After supper, I slipped downtown to the store and discovered it was really quite mild out, it is always a little warmer downtown then at Windsbreath. So I wondered over to the waterfowl park where the peace of the evening with its lovely sunshine and shadows, the bird song and the rising white moon soothed my soul. I met other Sackvillians taking advantage of the lovely evening including this duck who crossed my path.  This peaceful evening walk gave me hope. Perhaps we will soon be spending the evening in our own garden, enjoying the meadow and the wild flowers , walking the Labyrinth, and taking in the beautiful skies at Windsbreath, At least we have one sure sign of spring-the days are getting longer!