Winter and spring the battle goes on

Yesterday I awoke to the pleasant sound of a spring rain. The temperatures were mild, and it seemed as if spring was on its way. Later in the day when the rains had stopped, I ventured out to the Labyrinth. It was so nice to reclaim my meadow. I felt like a bird let out of a cage. But by evening the temperatures had dropped and the winds had picked up. The winds blew through the house and howled through the rafters. The Tantramar breezes (as they are called) or more correctly gales seemed intent to shake our house to pieces. But cozy under our quilts, we had no fear, for although this isn’t the warmest of houses, it is sturdy, and it has withstood many a Tantramar gale. Canada may be warming, but Sackville seems to be getting colder.  This morning the winds have dropped, but my sense is the battle with winter has not yet been won.Perhaps we should seek out Glooskap to help us find Queen Summer.