Despite grey skies, and floods in other parts of New Brunswick and Eastern Canada, we had our yearly Easter feast again this year. Glad of our hilltop setting and the lack of flood threat in our community, we carried on while others from the province filled sandbags and packed their belongings.  Easter breads, colored eggs, handmade chocolates, local maple sugar, and other locally sourced foods give us a sense of celebration and tie us to the traditions of our ancestors, who even at times of scarcity found a way to celebrate Easter and the new life emerging in the spring.  For this celebration, I like to use my petti point dishes which connect us to both our mothers, who both had those dishes. At Easter, we celebrate the wonder and power of life. In the Celtic year it falls near the end of the season if Imbolc which is a season of transition, leading to the enfolding life in the springtime. Lately our news has been filled with senseless death and heartbreak that if makes one wonder if celebration is appropriate. But today in reflecting on it, I came to the conclusion that the very uncertainty of life makes it even more important to celebrate the life we have, and underlines the importance of celebration as a way of getting us through the more difficult times and seeing things in perspective.