Canoe Fredericton

When the Big Stop in Fredericton put up this canoe, I think they were envisioning the animals, and subsequent locals and tourists peacefully canoeing down New Brunswick rivers. Instead, during the last week, locals and visiting journalists have been canoeing along what was once streets and front lawns bordering on the St. John river. Climate change is really making its effect here, and many along the river are having to make the hard decision of leaving their homes or do endless repairs with the thought of possibly facing the same problem next year. Although we have no flooding the constant rain is unbelievable, and we begin to wonder where all the water is coming from and if it will ever be dry enough to get out in our lawns and gardens. Climate change is having its effect throughout the world. Thankfully we have the resources to deal with it unlike many countries around the world.  Still we are moving into a new world and I hope our leaders will find a way to minimize the damage and help us to adjust to this new world as it unfolds.