"April showers"

“April Showers Grow May Flowers”. Unfortunately those showers often come as snow or sleet, like today, although it now seems to have turned to rain. Not having to go anywhere today, I have been able to putter around the house and stay close to the fire, and not deal with the mess it creates. It reminds me of an Easter when we first arrived. Due to a snow storm (much worse than today), church services were cancelled, and no one was going anywhere. Luckily our dinner guest had spent the night, so we carried on with Easter dinner and some games. It felt like Christmas! The lovely Easter flowers I had bought earlier in the week seemed out of place but reminded me that spring was on its way.And I am sure that Gloskap is on his way with Queen Summer, and after a long winter we will soon be able to enjoy the fresh spring flowers this moisture will bring to our earth.