A flame of Life

A single flame, a spark of life. A candle flame is often used to symbolize a life, burning brightly for a time, but finally burning itself out, or as in all too many cases snuffed out before its time. This weekend we remember the young lives cut short in the dreadful bus accident of the Bronco hockey team a year ago. Today is the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Rwandan massacres that decimated 1/10 of their population. And still looming in our minds, is the senseless crash of the Boeing airliner and the loss of so many precious lives.  Today I sat in silence as the music and liturgy of the church service went on around me. Remembering those beloved by many, feeling their pain, holding them up in silence. At times like this, silence seems the only appropriate response. Oh yes, we need to question and challenge the authorities, tighten up safety measures, and look at root causes; but in the end they will not bring those lost back or comfort those who have lost so much. There are times to grieve and this is one of them. It is also a time to cherish those we love, and the flame of life burning in all of us.  Life is precious. Life is short.  Let us cherish it and burn brightly in our little corner of the world for as long as we are given.