Little Daylight

Windsbreath had it’s first outdoor production at Windsbreath this year combined with our Solstice Celebration. Unfortunately, there was daylight but little sun for us on the Solstice, but the play was enjoyed in the parlour, preceded by Celtic music by John Maclean and chicken pies, salad and icecrean sundaes following. Thursday was a lovely outdoor performance and Saturday owing to the wetness of the ground, also had to be moved inside. We had a wonderful cast and a wonderful story and if you missed it this time never fear we will do it again. It makes a great Solstice play and is a lovely story worth retelling.. Solstice plays will continue to be a yearly event at Windsbreath. Next year we hope to have the barn that served as a backdrop for this year’s play completed enough to have the whole play inside, rain or shine. The picture shows the cast minus the two younger members of the cast who were instructed to stay home and rest for the second dress rehearsal.