Plays Performed by Windsbreath

Journey to the Christmas Star (Reisen til Julestjernen ) by Sverre Brandt

-performed by Windsbreath in Dec.  2010, 2012, 2918

-Expanded and edited by Marilyn Haugen-Strand from Astrid Karlsen Scott’s English translation in

 Ekte Norsk Jul –Traditional Norwegian Songs, Poems, and Stories, Nordic Adventures. 1997, Story written 1924 


A delightful Norwegian fairy-tale of a grieving king, a lost princess, and a little beggar girl who, in keeping with a prophesy, seeks out the Christmas star to help the King. The play is set in the Norwegian countryside and incorporates a number of Norwegian Christmas traditions and characters. A magical Christmas Event.


The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

-Performed by Windsbreath in April 2011 and 2016

-Written in 1844, Adapted, expanded, set for stage by Marilyn Haugen-Strand


A story of friendship and determination, that takes a young girl on a amazing journey in search for her lost friend. In the play, Hans Christian Anderson’s world comes alive for us as we journey through a variety of enchanted landscapes, encountering a rich variety of animals, plant and human characters along the way. All are drawn to this little girl, and desire to assist her on her quest. We also meet the fascinating character of the Snow Queen and the demon and are called to wrestle with questions of good and evil.


Amahl and the Night Visitors by Gian Carlo

-Performed by Windsbreath in January 2012

-Originally  is an opera in one act.1951 The text was written into a simpler play by Marilyn Haugen-Strand with a few of the original  songs incorporated.


A touching story of a widowed mother and a lame boy who encounter the wise men on their journey. Stopping the night at the humble cottage, the wise men are entertained and fed by the neighbouring shepherds. Throughout the play there are some surprises, as well as a poetic reflection on the plight of the poor. A beautiful story.


Thumbelina by Hans Christian Anderson

-Performed March 2017

- Written in 1835, expanded and edited for stage by Marilyn Haugen-Strand


A beloved story of a tiny child and her adventures in the big wild world. The story has many delightful characters as well as a very clear message.


Back of the North Wind by George MacDonald

-Performed by Windsbreath April 2018

Book published 1871,exherts taken from book,  edited, and prepared for stage, by Marilyn Haugen-Strand


The story of a young boy and his encounters and journeys with the North Wind. Set in Victorian England, the story also illustrates the plight of the poor with a variety of interesting characters from all classes. A delightful mix of history, fantasy, and social analysis.


Coming in June


Princess Daylight by George MacDonald

-tale included in the book “Back of the North Wind” edited and expanded by Marilyn Haugen-Strand for stage

A play on “sleeping beauty”, this delightful tale tells of a princess who cannot wake during the day and the fairies and prince which seek to help her.