Intergenerational Theatre Program


Growing out of the inter-generational nature of Windsbreath’s events; and the sharing of traditional stories, Windsbreath has developed an inter-generational theatre program and theatre classes for children and youth. Parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, adults, youth and children for together to explore traditional tales and put on a theatre production based on them.

This is amateur theatre where there is a place for everyone, everyone is given a part that suit their abilities and interests; and an amazing community is formed.

Theatre Classes

Windsbreath offers two theatre classes for children aged 4 to 8   and youth ages 9 to 14. Older youth may assist with the classes, Classes work on a variety of theatre skills such as: articulation, projection, creative movement, improvisation, and character development. They also participate in theatre games, mural painting and set production. The classes are small and personal, and are designed to meet the needs, interests and skill level of the particular students in the class. Students are given opportunity to interpret poems and traditional tales, perform for seasonal celebrations, and participate in full scale inter-generational plays.